It’s fair to say that in most musical collaborations, first come the lyrics.
These are then set to music.

But not in Matzar – which seems to be a musical genre all of its own.

All the songs have been composed in a minor key, or in the Dorian or Aeolian modes.   After Maureen Hiron has laid down the tracks with Ingvar Areliusson in his and Sheyla Bonnick’s main recording studio, Sheyla steps in.  
Not only as vocalist, but lyricist and co-composer too.  
The motivating messages she weaves into her words are a further identifying feature of Matzar.   Then Ingvar, Sheyla’s Icelandic husband, makes the arrangement that ties it all together.

This first Matzar music album is entitled LOOK BEYOND.

Sheyla has already slotted one of the songs into a number of Boney M gigs that she has performed in Russia and it was very well received.   So much so that it has now been translated into Russian and Sheyla is practicing. There's also disco mixes in the plan.

The origins of the track called Carry On was embedded in a children’s operetta that Maureen wrote in her college days – some 50 years ago.  It was centred on Skimbleshanks – the Railway Cat from T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and Maureen called her operetta Cats.  Sounds familiar?   But Maureen did it first.

Curious coincidence.   Carol Neilsson, who starred in the somewhat better-known CATS musical some years back, was the first wife of Sheyla’s husband Ingvar.

With Maureen and Sheyla both writing songs and inventing games together, every game of theirs now has a Matzar song attached to it.

Women are Like Cats and Men Like Dogs: Or Are They?

Kat Brown


Angel Cures

Francesca Mowatt


WOW! - Words of Wisdom

Deep in the forest and high on the mountain slope Darkness fast approaching, I was close to giving up hope Didn´t know where I was going, couldn´t figure out where I’d been Just trying to remember some of the things that I had seen Physically I was broken, but my spirit carried me on As darkness fell around me, I could hear the wild boar´s call Then suddenly I was off the edge, I could feel myself starting to fall! Sliding down the ridge and into the gulley, I could feel every bush that I struck In the bottom of the gulley, I found myself in water, felt like I´d been hit by a truck Painfully, I sat on a rock feeling cold and alone, trying to figure out my next move Collecting some rocks to protect me from wild boar, I prepared for a long cold night But slowly as my eyes got used to the dark, I attempted to focus my sight I thought I caught a glimpse of a thin grey line, high up on the opposite ridge Could it be a path that would lead me out of there? My heart began to race! Pulling myself together I decided to put it to the test, climb the ridge and hope for the best It took me a while but at last I reached the ledge and someone had answered my prayer! There was a path, it was rocky and rough, but the path was going somewhere! An hour or so later, I was back on a main road, bloody and bruised but with spirits raised. Adventure over and still in one piece, but I learned a few lessons which will stay in my head! Not my best day in the mountains, it will be nice to get home to my bed!!

Mikey © November 2012

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